District Energy Facility (DEF)

Exterior District Energy Facility (DEF) RenderingExterior District Energy Facility (DEF) Rendering

District Energy Facility (DEF)

New Construction

Client: Harvard Engineering & Utilities
Architect: Leers Weinzapfel Associates
Contractor: Bond Brothers, Inc.
Size: 55,000 SF
Completion: 2019

The 55,000 SF District Energy Facility (DEF) will primarily be comprised of mechanical and electrical spaces that will house energy production, energy conversion, and energy distribution equipment. The building is planned to be constructed at one time, with equipment and distribution infrastructure installed in phases to coordinate with future Harvard development projects. The new facility is envisioned to have equipment that generates hot water and electricity through Combined Heat & Power systems and hot water boilers, chilled water with high efficiency electric centrifugal chillers, and to distribute electricity at 13.8 kV. A noteworthy element of the DEF will be a 1.3 million gallon tank for storing chilled water produced off-peak, when electricity is less expensive, and distributed during daytime hours to buildings as needed. The facility will be fully integrated with the existing steam infrastructure at Blackstone and has been design with N+1 redundancy. Resiliency was integral to the layout and planning, focusing on regional impacts from climate change.

Phase 1


• 4,000 tons cooling

• 15,000 tons cooling

• 56,000 MBH heating

• 140,000 MBH heating

• 2.6 MW electricity

• 7.5MW electricity

• 10 MVA electric switching station

• 20 MVA electric switching station